Sacha Baron Cohen
Borat Sagdiyev
Rudy Giuliani
Maria Bakalova
Tutar Sagdiyev
Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks / Self
Dani Popescu
Premier Nazarbayev / Premier Nazarbayevdx
Manuel Vieru
Dr. Yamak (Gypsy Tears)


What to know about ‘Borat: Supplemental Reportings’ on Amazon Prime Video

Wawaweewa, Amazon Prime Video has some never-before-seen footage from Borat’s latest adventures in America that will debut exclusively on the streaming platform on May 25. Dubbed Borat: Supplemental Reportings Retrieved from Floor of Stable Containing Editing Machine, the bonus footage is broken into three specials that go deeper into Borat and his daughter Tutar’s exploits. Borat Su...

Todd's Top 10 movies of 2020

We're running Top 10 features from our critics for the rest of 2020! You can follow them all here.  Making a Top Ten list in 2020, I realized after agreeing to this particular assignment, is extraordinarily difficult to do. You would think that without theaters to visit, the challenge might be to find enough good films to flesh out a list; but in a year where stay-at-home orders kept cri...

New movies on Amazon Prime

We’ve all been thirsting for new releases now that theaters are less-than-preferred for pandemic movie watching audiences, but sometimes it feels really nice to watch a familiar favorite. Amazon Prime is notorious for obtaining a wide variety of titles for its subscribers, and their newest acquisitions are no exception. Between classic franchises and award-winning greats, there's surel...

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